Smart Smiles Dental Hygiene is a mobile Dental Hygiene practice that targets the HRM and surrounding areas. The office offers Hygiene Therapy including initial assessment, cleanings, periodontal debridement, selective polishing, intra oral photos, pit and fissure sealants, fluoride application, desensitizing agent and cosmetic tooth whitening.

Dental hygienist providing mobile treatment for patients in their private homes, senior care facilities, and businesses through Smart Smiles Dental Hygiene.

Mobile Treatment

We Bring Dental Hygiene To You!

Smart Smiles Dental Hygiene service provides mobile treatment for patients in their private homes, senior care facilities and businesses. This service is provided for patients that may have fear of dental offices; patients in senior care facilities with mobile restraints, retirement homes, busy working class, low-income families, mothers of young children and the general public.

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Happy patient after receiving a leading tooth whitening system, guaranteed to give a brighter whiter smile in just one session, from Smart Smiles Dental Hygiene.
Cosmetic Professional Whitening (In Office)

Want whiter teeth? We have the solution for you! In this day and age it is important for people to look their best, whether it’s a new hair style or braces for straighten teeth, having a whiter smile is now simple and affordable. We offer one of the leading whitening systems on the market, guaranteed to give you a brighter whiter smile in just one session, along with a take home maintenance kit. After a consultation and verbal instructions, we can give you that whiter smile you have always wanted. Remember that not everyone is a candidate for teeth whitening and a cleaning may be required prior to treatment. Note that whitening treatments should always be done by a dental professional.

A patient in Dartmouth receives a complete oral examination as part of a thorough dental examination from Smart Smiles Dental Hygiene.
Initial Dental Hygiene Assessment

The complete oral examination is part of a thorough dental examination and it includes the close inspection of the head & neck, teeth and tissues of the mouth. This is done through physical assessment and other diagnostic aids. For example your hygienist will carefully palpate all areas of the head, neck and oral mucosa. Also a dental probe is used to measure 6 to 18 clinic attachment readings of each tooth. The Dental Hygienist will assess the information obtained, perform the necessary treatment and refer patients to a Dentist for immediate concerns. Dental care begins with this assessment, and is followed by diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation. It is always good to know where you stand when it comes to your oral health!

Halifax hygienist showing before and after intra oral images to view the difference in appearance after a tooth cleaning at Smart Smiles Dental Hygiene.
Intra Oral Photos

The Intra oral photos are the leading teaching aids for our patients; Hygienists can show before and after images to view the difference in appearance after a cleaning, and patients trouble areas. When setting oral hygiene goals, photos can compare plaque and calculus accumulation between visits.

Dental patient receives oral cavity instruction at Smart Smiles Dental Hygiene in Halifax-Dartmouth.
Oral Hygiene Instruction

We can help you keep your oral cavity in good health! This service is provided free of charge during any cleaning, however there are private sessions that are more in depth. Our knowledgeable hygienists will guide you through the proper steps of oral hygiene maintenance. Depending on your current oral hygiene status and level of knowledge, our Hygienist will work with you to set goals based on new techniques taught during the session. This is a valuable service, which we feel is the primary source of prevention.

Female patient in HRM has an initial tooth examination prior to dental cleaning at Smart Smiles Dental Hygiene.

Look your very best all the time with not only a bright smile but a clean one, which results in a Smart Smile! The highlight of our services are the cleanings, the removal of plaque, calculus, tarter and stain. Removal of harmful bacteria is essential to the prevention of gingivitis, an infection of the tissues that leads to periodontitis, which is an infection of the surrounding bone structure. Dental hygiene cleanings aid in the maintenance of a healthy oral cavity and prevention of tooth decay. After a cleaning, our goal is to provide the patient with a smooth feeling of natural enamel, which is free of harmful bacteria.

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Halifax patient with with advanced periodontitis receiving treatment from Smart Smiles Dental Hygiene.
Peridontal Debridement

Patients with advanced periodontitis which is destruction of bone and recession of surrounding tissue due to attachment loss. These patients require more intense cleanings which consists of deep tissue scaling. This treatment may require local anesthetic, however we use a none injectable lidocane freezing solutions in replace of needle injected local anesthetic. If client still required further treatment after an in depth consultation, we will refer our clients to a Periodontist for treatment.

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Dartmouth woman receiving selective tooth polishing by Smart Smiles Dental Hygiene.
Selective Polishing

We can make your teeth shine! Our fine polishing paste and low speed drills fine-tune any cleaning by removing small specks of debri and smoothing the enamel surface. It also aids in removing extrinsic stain caused by tea, coffee, soft drinks and cigarettes. Polishing is not something that should only be done after a cleaning, patients may want the smooth feeling and fresh look for special occasions like weddings, graduations, photos and vacations.

Patient in Halifax received a fluoride application by Smart Smiles Dental Hygiene for prevention of tooth decay and sensitivity.
Fluoride Application

This treatment is effective for patients with decay and or sensitivity. Fluoride is used as a preventative measure because it has been proven to re-mineralize (harden) softened enamel, which are the early stages in cavities. Fluoride applications also help patients that suffer from sensitivity to hot and cold by blocking tubules that transmit sensitivity to the nerves of the teeth.

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Halifax woman with hypersensitive teeth experiencing dental pain and in need of desensitizing by Smart Smiles Dental Hygiene.

Sensitive teeth? No More! We offer a variety of fluoride varnishes and solutions to get you out of pain immediately. Patients with receding gums and exposed root surfaces have an increased chance of experiencing pain and sensitivity. Desensitizing agents block off tubules that transmit pain to the nerves of the tooth. The results are immediate and last up to six months or more.

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Woman in Dartmouth having pit fissure sealant applied by Smart Smiles Dental Hygiene.
Pit & Fissure Sealant

Stop cavities before they start! The anatomy of patients teeth vary from person to person, however everyone shares similar cups tips and valleys, which are referred to as pits and fissures. These areas are used to chew food, in doing so they collect sugars and plaque, which lead to decay. Sealants are a very thin preventative material that is placed over these surfaces protecting the teeth from sugars and plaque accumulation. Children with newly erupted 6 year molars and deep pits and valleys are good candidates for this treatment.

Dental patient in Nova Scotia receiving a solution that freezes tissue and pockets around the teeth for up to 30 minutes for a painless cleaning at Smart Smiles Dental Hygiene.
Non-Injectable Local Anaesthetic (Painless Cleanings)

Based on newer products on the market, its only ethical that we provide a freezing that requires no needle injection. Many patients suffer from pain, sensitivity and phobias of needle injections during cleanings that can cause them to avoid dental treatment, but now patients can rest easy, with our non-injectable freezing solution, cleanings are painless. Besides a few contraindications, this Lidocane solution freezes tissue and pockets around the teeth for up to 30 minutes. We are proud to offer this service to our patients.

Dental hygienest presenting a patient with a customized mouth guard at Smart Smiles Dental Hygiene.
Customized Mouth Guards

Protect your teeth from sports injuries! A complete dentition is a biologically sound dentition. Missing teeth lead to loss of surrounding bone and shifting of opposing teeth, whether their opposing on the top or bottom there is movement of all surrounding teeth. The number one cause of tooth loss is due to sports injuries, proper mouth guards are the number one way to prevent tooth loss. Our customized trays are molded directly from your dentition and shaved down to eliminate bulkiness creating a comfortable fit which will allow you to play your best while being protected.